'I Don't Have the Guts to Ask Salman Khan to Launch Me': Govinda's daughter Tina Ahuja
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'I Don't Have the Guts to Ask Salman Khan to Launch Me': Govinda's daughter Tina Ahuja

This star kid has her head on firm shoulders!

It wouldn't be surprising to speak of star children given to rather unbecoming behaviour, tantrums and dishing out attitude to all and sundry. In fact, we expect it of them! Who wouldn't if you were born in the lap of luxury and wealth and accustomed to the world falling over themseleves just to get a glimpse of you and your golden world?

But sometimes they do break the mould, surprising us pleasantly with their sensible and sheer strength of character! We're talking about none other than superstar Govinda's daughter Tina Ahuja. The young star kid, who is soon to make her debut in the film Second Hand Husband after her first film fizzled out, says in a recent interview with dnaindia.com, "He (Govinda) always told me to do things my way. Moreover, I don’t ever want my dad to call up producers and recommend me. He is a superstar and I don’t want to bring him down. I have seen other people calling him to recommend them! If I want work, I have no issues calling up or meeting producers. I have already told a few producers that I would like to work with them. In fact, I was the one who called Smeep Kang (director of Second Hand Husband) after I saw one of his Punjabi films. I got Smeep’s number from a friend, called him and said that I wanted to work with him. A few months later, Smeep called me as he was planning to make his debut in Bollywood. He offered me the film at a time when I was in two minds about actually getting into movies or not. I was like, ‘Accha hoga toh theek hai, nahi hoga toh I am happy at home."

When asked about being launched in Salman Khan's Dabangg, she says, "Not at all. I have met Salman Khan only three or four times in my life and I am too shy of him. When I was a kid, he was my favourite actor. There would be articles about how despite being Govinda’s daughter, I liked Salman! I don’t have the guts to ask him to launch me."

We haven't yet seen Tina act, but we like her already for her non-starry attitude!

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