“I Am Reclusive by Nature, Even With My Wife and Children Around”: Shah Rukh Khan

“I Am Reclusive by Nature, Even With My Wife and Children Around”: Shah Rukh Khan

The superstar speaks to Bollywood Journalist about his new film and his bond with his children
“I Am Reclusive by Nature, Even With My Wife and Children Around”: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

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Shah Rukh Khan, who has been experimenting with his last few films like Dilwale, Fan and Raees is now back with a romantic venture, Jab Harry Met Sejal, directed by Imtiaz Ali.  The film will see Shah Rukh with his Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi actress Anushka Sharma. 

We meet him at his spacious office which is plastered from end to end with bookshelves. SRK reveals that these days the biggest issue is that everybody around him is not eating enough. He says that he hates eating a meal that will fill his stomach to the brim. "I eat less hence I have more energy.  Once you eat more there is a lot of weight in your stomach and you feel lethargic," he says before starting the interview.

Here are the excerpts: 

What is different in the film, Jab Harry met Sejal. What is it about the film that attracted you?

It's not a message film or an issued-based film like Chak De or Dangal.  It's a simple and sweet love story. I feel that the film is just that one simple love story we all want to listen to and there is nothing more to it.  Imitiaz Ali thinks and writes differently and he is known to celebrate love in his own unique way.

You have been tagged as the King of Romance, what do you think about this title?

I can think like this but I don't. I know I am not versatile. When I was sitting with Karan, Adi and Yashji once at Yash Raj Studios, Yashji told me that I should be doing more love stories. I had done only four or five love stories by that time. I used to not like love stories back then. Such stories usually become a hit, such as iconic films like, Roman Holiday and Casablanca which the audience remembers forever. I am grateful that the people have given me the tag of a romantic hero. I like the title, it's better than the title of the King of Negative Roles.  Having said that, I am doing a pure romantic film after a long time and I look forward to it.  I have evolved as a human being and an actor over the years and that should reflect in the film too.  

How much has personal life changed after stardom?

I am reclusive by nature, even with my wife, children and sister around.  If I am alone at home, I sit with my lap top. I don't have a lot of hobbies. I just sit and read.  But life has not changed much. People cherish me and call me a star and I have my business. But my personal life has not changed.

Do you give anything in return to the society from the fame and money that you have earned?

I don't want to announce it, when I give something back to society. I have not done much but I try to do things in small ways. I wanted to build toilets for ladies too. I respect women and do a lot for them. I want to help acid attack victims too, by giving them jobs. I pray that my business grows so that I can help them, so they can be self-reliant. I want to involve my daughter in the things I do, so that she understands it and takes it forward in life.

We heard that you are reading Mahabharata to your children these days? Which is your favourite character amongst them?

I want to do a project on it, but it's very intricate. I love to read it. I love a lot of characters, and I am finding the whole thing very interesting, especially the beginning parts. I won’t deny, it's very difficult to understand, as there are a lot of characters. There is a tree in the book that explains who's who. I won't be able to write a script on the same, but will have to get experts to do the job. There can be a lot of VFX involved in it.  My children already know all the stories. Now I read it to AbRam more, as Aryan and Suhana have already grown up reading it.  

We heard that you buy a lot of toys for AbRam?

Yes, I buy a lot of toys for him.  My wife told me you are spoiling him by giving him so much. So now, we have made a rule that he gets one toy every day. So, when he is bored of playing with one I give him his next toy.  

Any historic character that you would love to play?

I don’t know as of now. No one has offered me anything historical yet. Ashutosh Gowariker had offered me Jodhaa Akbar long back, even before we did Swades. Let's see what life has in store for me in the future.