"I am Not Sidelined in Kick": Jacqueline Fernandez
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"I am Not Sidelined in Kick": Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez admits Kick is an out and out Salman Khan film

Jacqueline Fernandez agrees that Kick is a Salman Khan-starrer all the way, but she is also confident that she's not sidelined in the movie due to his presence. "I don't even know why people are even asking me this question," Jacqueline said here to a question about whether she fears being sidelined in the film. “Salman is a superstar. People come to watch him in the movies and just for me to be part of a movie like this and to be with Salman Khan gives me such an advantage. So, no, I am not sidelined at all in this film," added the Sri Lankan beauty.

Jacqueline considers Kick, directed by Sajid Nadiadwala, as a "huge break" in her career. "It goes without saying that obviously it's a big break...even for an established actress, it's a very big deal (to work with Salman) and the same is for me. I am no different," she said.