I Am Not Giving In To The Temptation of Easy Money: Manisha Koirala
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I Am Not Giving In To The Temptation of Easy Money: Manisha Koirala

The Bollywood actress talks about her interest in reviving her career after her illness

In an exclusive interview with Subhash K. Jha, talented actress Manisha Koirala bares her soul and talks about her slow and gradual disappearance from Bollywood. After battling with cancer and experiencing a near brush with death, Manisha Koirala is now determined not to mess up her life again. 
A fabulous actress, Manisha was an A-lister once, having worked with all the bigwigs of the industry from Sanjay Leela Bhansali to Mani Ratnam. Things started spiralling downwards at the peak of her career and she started taking huge gambles, steadily embarking on a self-destructive path. She says in the interview, “I was confused with my life. But after what I've gone through I'm determined to never repeat the same mistakes again. Even if I have to sit at home and not work I won't do mediocre films.” The actress is now working towards rebuilding her career and reclaiming the fame that was once hers. 
She adds, “I am not giving into the temptation of easy money. I've producers coming to me with pots of money telling me 'London mein shooting hai.' There are many temptations. But the questions I ask myself are, are they worth my while as an actor? The answer is a big no.” 
The actress claims that the industry shunned her when she was going through a low phase due to her health issues, but she also admits that she holds no grudges against anyone, saying, “You see, when one goes through something as life-changing as cancer everyone around becomes wary, guarded and sceptical… 'Is she really well? Maybe she's hiding something.' I don't blame them. They feel if I am not well their films would suffer. These are the unspoken realities of life.”
Manisha is now working on doing meaningful roles and has already signed a Kannada-Tamil film. She has also signed a Hindi film with Raj Kumar Santoshi. It will be interesting to see this Himalayan beauty once again on screen, after all she has delivered some remarkable and unforgettable performances in Bollywood cinema.
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