'I Am Not Dying to Do a Film With Salman': Sanjay Leela Bhansali
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'I Am Not Dying to Do a Film With Salman': Sanjay Leela Bhansali

The director breaks his silence on his friction with Bhai

For many of us Sanjay Leela Bhansali is someone who has always created magic at the box office. And the journey seems to have started with Khamoshi starring Salman Khan and Manisha Koirala which, the director feels was way ahead of his times. The film was charming though it had failed at the box office when it was made. Says, Bhansali, "If I would have made Khamoshi in today's times, maybe it would have worked. I feel the film was way ahead of its times."

Though Salman went on to act in another film with him, things allegedly turned sour between them during the course of time. In an interview with DNA, Sanjay claimed that he's unsure of the reason why Salman is still upset with him, when reputed journalist Rajeev Masand questioned him on the same topic, he broke his silence. Is their friendship on or off? "Right now, it is off," he said, adding, "Salman is a very dear friend of mine. Never have I said a word wrong against him nor will I ever say anything. What he's done for me is incredible. He is a brilliant mind in his own way and he's always stood by me. He has always been very good to me."

Allegedly, Salman Khan was upset that despite him always being there for SLB during his tough times, he went ahead to make Devdas with Shah Rukh Khan and not him, said the report in DNA. The director clarifies, "Maybe I could not make a film with him. If I felt or I am wanting to make a certain kind of cinema and I feel he is not right for the film, I can't cast him. I understand he will be upset for that because he expects that out of me. He expects a certain kind of love and loyalty. But sometimes, it's important to do the film that you want to. However ruthless I may sound, but as a filmmaker, I live that film I'm making. I am not disregarding him as an actor. Today, it doesn't matter whether I am making a film with him or not because he is cult. He stands there and the film does 300 crores."

But when asked if the director is planning to make a film with Salman, he says "I am dying to do a film with him. But the onus is on him and it all depends on him now," Sanjay Leela Bhansali said to Rajeev Masand, as reported in DNA.

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