Hunger Games Prequel Book and Film Planned

Hunger Games Prequel Book and Film Planned

The Hunger Games prequel will be distributed in May 2020
Hunger Games Prequel Book and Film Planned
Poster for The Hunger Games

Another Hunger Games tale set a very long time before the first smash hit set of three will be released one year from now, its distributer said earlier this week, with designs for a going with film officially under way. The book will return to the grim dystopian universe of Panem made by Suzanne Collins' young grown-up books, which were adjusted into one of Hollywood's greatest motion picture establishments featuring Jennifer Lawrence.

The first books, which sold in excess of 100 million duplicates, recounted to the account of Katniss Everdeen, a high school courageous woman constrained by the domain's authoritarian heads to take an interest in an unscripted television style battle until the very end.

The new book will return to Panem 64 years before the occasions of the set of three during a period known as the 'Dim Days,' in which the country "battles to return to its feet" after a staggering war, Collins said.

Four movies dependent on the set of three books—the last book was part into two sections—transformed Lawrence into an A-list film star and earned $2.97 billion around the world. Motion picture studio Lionsgate said another film was at that point being arranged.

"As the glad home of the Hunger Games films, we can barely wait for Suzanne's next book to be distributed," said Joe Drake, administrator of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group. "We've been speaking with her during the composition procedure and we anticipate proceeding to work intimately with her on the motion picture." Writer Collins said the book would investigate "the condition of nature, our identity, and what we see is required for our survival."

The up 'til now untitled book will be distributed on May 19, 2020.The Hunger Games film series consists of four science fiction dystopian adventure films.