Hum Awards 2019 Face Criticism From the Audiences

Hum Awards 2019 Face Criticism From the Audiences

Hum Awards 2019 was a star-studded event in Houston, Texas. Pakistani drama fans from all over the US gathered to become a part of the award show from Pakistan

Hum Awards 2019 were organized in Houston, Texas this year. Since last year conducting the awards in Canada turned out to be a huge success commercially, it was likely for the channel to explore the Pakistani expat market-based in the US this year. Many famous celebrities like Iqra Aziz, Mawra Hocane, Urwa Hocane, Farhan Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Hania Amitr, Asim Azhar, Sanam Jung, Noman Ijaz, Imran Ashraf, Sara Chaudhry and a lot flew to Houston to become a part of this award show. Their social media feeds had been all about their travels and the fun time the actors spent in Houston. It was also obvious for the people to build a high level of expectation from the award show.

The desi theme  seemed more inclined towards the desi wedding looks

As the day arrived, many celebrities also took Instagram to post about their red carpet looks. To the viewers' dismay, the celebrities they had always expected to look stylish were mostly dressed up in the wedding clothes. Probably, the ‘desi’ theme for the event got mixed up with the ethnic wedding wear. From Yumna Zaidi to Urwa Hocane, every celebrity was dressed up in the most heavily embellished eastern clothes which the viewers could not seem to comprehend at an award show.

Everyone missed Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, and Hamza Ali Abbasi

The criticism did not remain limited to the celebrities’ clothing and styling alone. People also had issues with Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, and Hamza Ali Abbasi not being a part of the award show when their names showed up during the promotions and advertisements. Since these actors have a huge global fan following, their absence came as a shock for many people. Ahmad Ali Butt’s sarcasm was also not greeted pleasantly as it seemed a dig too deep on many actors. The award show was also criticized for not being rehearsed enough as the performances needed more practice.

To the Netizens, the distribution of the awards seemed unfair

The major criticism on the show came about the distribution of the awards as most of the awards were won by the MD Productions which is a company owned by Hum TV’s creative director Momina Duraid. It was also noted that the awards did not value and respect the actors the way they deserved. The veteran singer Alamgir’s credit was quickly taken away and he was not allowed to speak much. According to a social media user, the venue was full because of the stars but even they were not given their due. According to the same user Sadaf Haider, the stars should realize their power over the channel as it is their star power which brings people to watch a show.

Yumna Zaidi, Imran Ashraf, Mehwish Hayat, and Azaan Sami won the hearts of the audiences

However, some parts were appreciated. Yumna Zaidi won the award for the best actress which was considered the right and just honor. Farhan Saeed’s award for Suno Chanda made people comment that the Pakistani dramas need to understand the importance of showing strong female characters and not always a typically victimized damsel in distress. Imran Ashraf who enacted his famous character Bhola from Suno Chanda was a true darling of the audiences because of the love and the respect he earned through his honest portrayal of an otherwise difficult character. Mehwish Hayat and Ahsan Khan's dance number was the talk of the town. Azaan Sami Khan's electrifying performance also made everyone fall weak in the knees for the young star.

Hum TV has also faced a controversy in the recent past

Hum TV has also been under the line of fire for its previous controversy with Firdous Jamal. According to Momina Duraid the CEO of MD Productions, his remarks against Mahira Khan irked her and she could not work with a person like him anymore. While most of the people from the industry had been on Mahira Khan’s side when the controversy happened, not everyone was pleased with Momina Duraid’s decision of banning him on screen. People had also criticized the channel for speaking for women when in practice they had only shown a regressive image of the women.

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