Hues for your hair

Hues for your hair

INOA hair colours are gentle on the tresses while giving them much-needed shine

Want a simple way to add some lustre to otherwise dull, lifeless hair? Just change its colour to get a whole new look altogether! While every fashion-forward woman in love with her mane has experimented with colouring at least once in her lifetime, there are still some people who love their virgin hair primarily because of the fear that harsh chemicals used in colours might spoil their tresses making it rough and causing breakage.

Another worry for women, especially if they are those who lead busy lifestyles, is that they might not be able to devote enough time to maintain it which can negate the entire effect of the colour. This was my fear too when I recently decided to try colouring my jet black hair for the very first time at the Pastels Salon, Jumeirah Branch.

What I was looking for was a shade that not only made my hair look beautiful but also treated it gently. And an experiment with L'Oreal Professional's INOA hair colouring system provided the perfect solution.

INOA recently launched a new wave of 10 shades in copper, red, warm and cool blondes and browns and even unique violets thus leading to its portfolio to number an impressive 83 shades. But the colourist at the salon explained the element that made these colours different from most others – the fact that it has got absolutely no ammonia in it. Ammonia is a common ingredient added to most hair colouring techniques to encourage colour deposition on the strands. But the problem is that ammonia can leave the strands swollen and dry.

With INOA, a unique Oil Delivery System (ODS) is used in which mineral oil deposits colour on the strands instead of ammonia leaving the hair's natural proteins and the scalp intact. Besides, it provides 100 per cent grey coverage too.

Being partial to reds, I tried a unique shade of burgundy and mahagony. The treatment took over an hour but it was absolutely relaxing as there was zero odour. After the first wash, I felt there was not much difference to my hair but as days passed by and the colours started settling in, my hair had a healthy sheen and the shade glistened in the sun. My tresses actually started looking different without being too loud – just the way I wanted it to be. Most importantly, my hair hadn't lost its softness.

The best news was that hair care for coloured strands wasn't all that difficult – regular shampooing and conditioning using products for coloured hair was enough. An occasional hair spa or massage does the rest of the job. What more could one ask for?

For more details, get in touch with the Pastels Mercato Mall branch by emailing or calling 04 344 7883; Pastels Jumeirah branch by emailing or calling 04 394 7393/5; Pastels The Ritz-Carlton Dubai Branch by emailing or calling 04 399 5016/318 6141.

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