Huda Beauty Skin: Makeup Mogul Expands Empire by Branching into Skincare

Huda Beauty Skin: Makeup Mogul Expands Empire by Branching into Skincare

Makeup mogul Huda Kattan has announced a new skincare line, Huda Beauty Skin, via Instagram. She is expected to release new skincare products soon

With the massive success of her cosmetic line Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan is all set to launch a new skincare line. The Iraqi-American makeup mogul took to Instagram to announce the launch of her new line and a separate Insta account @hudabeautyskin. In the first post, Huda shared how her skin had been a journey. “As a kid I had really dry-sensitive skin, that was super rough and uneven in tone and texture, and at 19 I started dealing with cystic adult acne,” she wrote. Saying that there were days when she felt insecure about her skin, Huda revealed she could not leave her home because her acne was “painful and bad.” 

She said her skin had improved as a result of “blogging and experimenting,” adding, “What happened was truly unexpected! My skin became so soft, even smooth, my pores disappeared, and my acne was (finally) under control.”

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The beauty guru also shared a before-and-after video in which the improvement in her skin’s tone and texture is quite visible. She captioned the video as, “A little over 1 year apart! I can't believe it! Before with makeup and less confidence, After, with our new skincare line, absolutely no makeup, but so much confidence! Both of these are during basic breakouts (nothing severe), but my skin texture is SOOOOO different!! Even my neck looks better!” In another post, she wrote, “This 17 year journey started from the heart and runs much more than skin deep.”

Huda Kattan, who already has an incredibly successful makeup line and a fragrance line, was ranked in the top 40 in Forbes’ 2019 list of the wealthiest self-made female entrepreneurs in the United States. She is reported to have a net worth of $610 million. Huda has 40.7 million followers on her main Instagram page and regularly uses it to share make-up and beauty tips.

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By Ayesha Hoda
Ayesha Hoda is a senior communications professional and writer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.