Hrithik Roshan Happy To Be A Bachelor All Over Again?
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Hrithik Roshan Happy To Be A Bachelor All Over Again?

Here's why...

Hrithik Roshan, once a family man, shocked the world when he and his wife Sussanne announced their separation after 13 years of marriage. Reports emerged that Hrithik was down in the dumps post his split and was seeking help from spiritual healers. But all that seems to be behind him, as Hrithik seems to be enjoying his bachelorhood and upcoming projects.

He has even moved into a new house which he calls his ‘bachelor pad’ and he often talks about enjoying living that way again. He spoke to a popular website, “You learn (in situations like these) how to be patient, creative, and not to waste your time sitting and wondering. Instead, you should keep moving. Things ultimately settle down, and the body heals itself. Plus, as long as your mind is healthy and creative, and you stay focused on things that you are enthusiastic about, even if you are in bed, your body will heal."

Well said, Hrithik. Let’s hope he’s putting all that wonderful philosophy into practice!


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