Hrithik Roshan and Sister Sunaina Roshan's Bond
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Hrithik Roshan and Sister Sunaina Roshan's Bond

This Raksha Bandhan Hrithik said one hug from Sunaina calms him down

We usually hear more about the popular sibling in Bollywood and the same goes for the Roshans. Sunaina Roshan, Hrithik's sister, has always been behind the scenes while Hrithik won accolades for his work.
At a recent event, when Masala! got to meet Hrithik and Sunaina, we asked Sunaina what's the one gift her brother has given her that has become her prized possession. Before she could answer, Hrithik literally snatched the mike to say that his prized possession is his sister. He then went on to add, "Her (Sunaina's) one hug calms me down and soothes me so much that I can't explain it in words. I have always been the hyper-active one and at times, when things would not go as planned, she would be there to reason it out and explain me the small but deep things of life. She is my inspiration!" After which he handed over the mike to Sunaina and we must say she was so overwhelmed by what he had said that she forgot what we asked her.
According to Sunaina, the Roshan siblings have been each other's strength! She added, "Nothing has changed between Hrithik and me. We may not even meet or talk every day. But whenever we need each other, we put everything aside and we are there for one another."

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