Create Your Perfect Outfit in 4 Steps with The Custom Shop

Create Your Perfect Outfit in 4 Steps with The Custom Shop

Finding it difficult to find an outfit that defines you in the best possible way? Just 'customise' it!
Create Your Perfect Outfit in 4 Steps with The Custom Shop

How often has this happened to you? You love a dress you have seen in a magazine or a movie or in a store and you want it for yourself.  You try it on, only to find…

A) It doesn’t match your size. 

B) It looks far better on the mannequin than on you

C) There are 10 other people who have selected the same dress

Shopping can be a frustrating experience if not done wisely. Not everyone is lucky to be blessed with a perfect 10 so the solution to the ‘what do I wear’ problem lies in customisation.


The Custom Shop is a unique concept that helps you choose the perfect outfit for yourself. But why customise? Vanita  xxxx, xxxx of the store says, “Your local tailor will give you what you want but not what you need. Not everyone has a model-like figure or knows the trends inside out. This is where we come in – to help you select a style that brings out your best features and is a reflection of your personality.”

Here’s how it works…


Book an appointment with the stylist

Monaliza Wahba, the head stylist at The Custom Shop is your go-to person. A celebrity fashion stylist with extensive fashion show and media experience, Monaliza first tries to understand your personality and lifestyle through a questionnaire that includes everything – from details of your weight and height to your attitude and desires.



Based on your responses, you are given a full analysis of your body. The decision on what kind of ensemble will be made depends on a number of factors: age, weight, body shape (if you are pear shaped, apple-shaped, inverted triangle or oval to name just a few) and also the need (whether you need a casual or formal occasion). Along with it, is another important requirement – understanding the colour of your skin tone in relation to seasons! A pale skin equates to winter, pale to pink complexion will be winter-summer and so on. This helps decide the colours that suit you.


Fabric and style selection

Then comes the process of selecting the fabric. The Custom Shop has a range of materials and you can choose any. Of course, the stylist is always there to guide you through the process.


Tailoring it

Once you are satisfied with the look and style of your dress, the measurements are given to the tailor who will customise the fabric exactly the way you envision it. A sketch of the outfit is first shared for you to incorporate changes. It may take one or two weeks for the dress to be ready but you have the satisfaction of knowing you have created your own outfit which you won’t find on anyone else.


We challenged Monaliza to create an outfit and this is what the analysis came to…

Body Shape: Inverted Triangle or Strawberry shape (broad upper body, narrow lower body)
Colour of skin tone: Cool Winter (winter-summer)
Primary colour palette: blue, shades of pink, shades of green

The options…

We chose: The yellow, pleated fitted dress


• Stick to what looks good on you, don’t follow trends blindly.

• Go window shopping.

• Watch fashion shows but don’t ape them blindly. Fashion shows are not similar to street style. Watch street style more than anything else.

• Try things out before you buy or reject an outfit. Use the fitting room as often as you want. Sometimes an outfit looks better on you than it seems on the rack.

Info: Location - DIFC. Contact - 04 3622222