How Virat Kohli Made the Indo-Pak Rivalry Saner
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How Virat Kohli Made the Indo-Pak Rivalry Saner

Virat Kohli helped the Indo-Pak rivalry remain fun and clean

Pakistan lost in Manchester against India and before the match the cricket banter was in full swing. However, Indian skipper Virat Kohli made it clear that he won’t say “anything” to “TRPs or exciting news”. The Indian captain played down the hype around his duel with Pakistanis fast bowler Mohammad Amir. Kohli appeared calm and determined in the pre-match press conference – ready to take on the media before the biggest rivalry on the ground. "I am not going to say anything different for TRPs or for exciting news,” said Kohli. “You have to respect every bowler's strength. I just focus on the white ball or the red ball, regardless of the bowler.”

How Virat Kohli Made the Indo-Pak Rivalry Saner

“You have to respect a good bowler's skillset,” he continued, “I said this even before the South Africa match about Kagiso Rabada.” When asked about facing Amir in the pre-match press conference, he said: "Impact bowlers are there in world cricket. Have to be wary of their strength but at the same time focus on my strength to score runs. "It's not like he [Amir] takes a wicket or I score runs, the match result is going to be decided. There are going to be 10 other players. All of them have to play well. I don't think I am in a competition with anyone, those are all talks from the outside. This kind of competition doesn't even cross my mind. If you play badly against a bowler, you will get out. It's that simple for me," Kohli said. The batsman had then reflected that he doesn’t see anyone as competition on the ground, rather expects the 11 players on the ground to work as a team together and win the game. [add virat/Aamir image]

Pakistan and India’s rivalries are noted for being legendary and yesterday’s match was one of the most hyped up matches in the entire World Cup tournament so far. Pakistan lost to India by 89 runs and there was a heartwarming exchange between the two cricketers on the pitch which was shared widely across social media.

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