How To Take Instagrammable Selfies

How To Take Instagrammable Selfies

Check out these subtle tips and tricks to ensure that you snap the best selfie you can!

Most social media savvy people like to take selfies or group selfies but it can be challenging to use the front-facing camera to capture a selfie that is flattering and worthy of your Instagram feed.

You can however master the art of taking selfies by following these tips:

• Use a phone that captures high resolution pictures with the front camera as well.

• As good photography is all about playing with the light and shadows, make sure you have sufficient light when you snap a selfie.

• Move around a bit to find the spot where light falls perfectly on your face. If the light source is behind you, your photo will be dark and appear more like a silhouette.

• If you are shooting outdoors and have some time, you can wait for the ideal time, when you get sufficient natural light which is not too harsh.

• Try taking selfies from different angles and see which ones work best for you.

• In the same way, try out different poses that emphasise your more attractive features rather than flaws.

• Go for asymmetrical compositions to make your selfies more eye-catching.

• Highlight something new or unique in your selfie such as a new pair of sun glasses or piece of jewellery, hair dye etc.

• You can also take a selfie while you are engaged in some interesting or adventurous activity.

• Crop out objects that distract the eye and cluttered backgrounds. Or take closeup shots.

• Find instagrammable spots such as walls with interesting murals so that they work as a backdrop for your selfies.

• Be expressive. Smile, pout or make a funny expression.

• Avoid overusing filters. You can select one good filter and use it for all your selfies.

• Use a good-quality selfie stick so that the photo is not blurry and you can get rid of the extended arm appearing in your photos.

Posting selfies on Instagram can grow your following and engagement, if you have a public account. It is however better to post good quality selfies rather than blurry shots with strange angles and insufficient lighting. By planning your shots and experimenting with light, angles, props and backgrounds, you can find a way to look your best in these photographs.

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By Ayesha Hoda
Ayesha Hoda is a senior communications professional and writer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.