How to stay safe while food shopping

How to stay safe while food shopping

Dubai municipality outline new safety guidelines

The slogan ‘stay home, stay safe’ has been replaced with ‘we are all responsible’and the citizens of Dubai are busy navigating the new normal. With masks and hand sanitizer becoming a part of everyday life, the Dubai municipality have released additional guidelines for staying safe while food shopping.

Avoid shopping if you’re sick
Here in the UAE we’re afforded the luxury of being able to order just about anything to our homes. So, if you’re feeling unwell, the government urge you to make use of the grocery delivery services and takeaway food options.

Wear protective equipment
It is mandatory to wear a face mask and gloves when you enter a supermarket in order to protect yourself and others. Don’t forget to bring yours.

Reduce visits to the supermarket
If planning out your meals has been a goal of yours now is the time to start. By planning out your meals for the week you’ll be able to cut down on trips to pick up things for dinner on the way home. The guidelines advise preparing a shopping list beforehand so you don’t forget any of your weekly essentials.

Pay with card
Contactless payment avoids potential contamination through the transfer of cash. You can also add your card onto your phone for ease of touch payment.

Clean your purchases
Research suggests that coronavirus can survive on cardboard and plastic surfaces and although evidence is minimal from surface contagion, precautions are advised. Clean your food before putting it away with a disinfectant or soap and water. Government advice suggests you should leave food to sit for ten minutes (after disinfecting) before putting it in the fridge.

Along with the guidelines for food shopping the municipality have advised citizens to take extra heed of sell by dates and to follow healthy eating principals.

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