How To Stay Cool During Dubai Summers

How To Stay Cool During Dubai Summers

As the summer months roll in, check our tips and tricks for staying cool in the intense Dubai heat!

It’s going to be hot and humid very soon! Here’s how you can keep your cool during the summer season in Dubai:

• Keep your body hydrated - Drink sufficient amounts of water, consume fresh fruit juices, eat fruits with high water content and avoid hot beverages, such as tea or coffee. Make sure you have had enough water before going to sleep so you don’t find yourself tossing and turning all night due to the heat and sweat.
• Eat light - Avoid hot, oily and protein-rich meals and red meat. Consume foods that make you feel light and have smaller meals several times a day.
• Take 2-3 baths - Enjoy cold showers several times a day to feel refreshed.
• Dress in breathable clothing - Try to wear loose clothes in lighter colours; soft, cotton shirts with dresses and skirts, and tank tops.
• Use ice packs - If you are feeling really hot, relax by keeping ice packs on your neck, elbow, wrists or ankles.
• Be prepared for the sun - Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat or cap when going out.
• Keep your house cool - During the day, keep all doors and windows closed and invest in blinds or blackout curtains. In the evenings, open the windows to enjoy the breeze (while keeping yourself safe from insects and mosquitoes that frequently visit during this season). Exhausts in the bathrooms and the kitchen will also help keep your house cool.
• Stay on the ground floor - If you live in a multi-storey villa, spend more time on the ground floor during the day as it will be less hot than the top floor.
• Disconnect your electronics - Switch off extra light bulbs, gadgets and appliances, when not in use, as they give off heat. 
• Change your mattress - Sleep on a bamboo or straw mat instead of the thick mattress on your bed as it might feel uncomfortable in this season.

Every year we have to deal with the intense summer humidity and heat that Dubai brings so make sure you have a routine planned out in advance! Luckily, this means that everybody else in the city is totally used to the heat by this point. Most malls and indoor areas in general are always well air-conditioned, to the point where you may actually need to take a jacket with you when going out!

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