How to Smell Great All the Time in Every Way

How to Smell Great All the Time in Every Way

If you're feeling self-conscious about how you smell or just want to ensure that you're always fresh, be sure to follow these tips and tricks!
How to Smell Great All the Time in Every Way

Do you want to be one of those people who smell great all the time? Even if you have been out in the sun or working out at the gym? It’s possible but hard work to smell good 24/7. Apart from showering every day (twice a day if the weather is really hot), these are some of the other things you need to do to smell fresh:

• Use a deodorant or an antiperspirant after you shower, before and after a workout, and as required during the day.

• Invest in a good perfume which lasts long and apply it correctly, that is, spray it in the air and walk through it. You can also spray it on your wrists and behind your neck, ears, knees and ankles, so that the full fragrance stays with you for a long time.

• Slather your body with a fully fragranced body lotion and perfume oil at night.

• Drink lots of water so that your skin stays moisturised and helps scents stay for longer.

• Follow a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein. Avoid onions, garlics and red meat as much as you can. This is because what we eat regularly affects how we smell.

• Keep scent sachets in your wardrobe and sock/undergarment drawers, or use odour-eliminating products so that your clothes smell fresh.

• Wash your hair daily and buy a hair mist so that your hair also smells good throughout the day.

• Brush your teeth, at least twice a day, and keep breath mints or gum for dry mouth.

• Keep a foot spray if your feet tend to smell after walking around.

• Use a spray for your bedsheets and pillows, and an air humidifier in your bedroom, so that the scents envelope you while you are sleeping.

While purchasing your products, be sure to stay attentive to what works for your body or doesn’t. Certain things like your perfume, deodorant, shower soap etc. may contain ingredients that your skin could be allergic to or just have a bad reaction to. If you have any doubts, try out a patch test before buying a product or check with a doctor. Additionally, if nothing seems to be eliminating your body odor issues, make sure to check with a medical professional if you’re worried.

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