How to Light Up Your Home this Diwali
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How to Light Up Your Home this Diwali

We show you how to decorate your living space this festive season

Decorating your home with lights, new furniture, a fresh coat of wall paint and making sure your house is spotless are just some of the things to be done in preparation for Diwali, which is right around the corner.

Placing stunning lanterns in your outdoor space or even indoors are an easy way to make your surroundings look beautiful. We love the elegant and decorative lantern range from warm gold to natural bamboo at Indigo Living.

So whether you want to create an inviting ambience for a relaxed open house party with ceramic and nickel lanterns placed in a procession, to provide a radiant glow or set an elegant scene with their atmospheric mood maker lanterns that offer a stylish indoor or outdoor lighting option for the festival of lights. Complete the elegant aesthetic with shapely votives to give an amber glow for a cosy atmosphere, bathing any area in a warm, sensory glow. Simply stunning!

That's not all, Indigo Living specialises in everything that brings life and love to your home, so whether you are looking for a casually elegant or contemporary look, the striking Indigo Living lanterns and many other fabulous pieces in-store will add that wow factor to your home not just during Diwali but anytime of the year.

INFO: Visit Indigo Living at its flagship showroom located near Safa Park on Sheikh Zayed Road, Exit 47 in the Matloob Building.

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