How to Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

Show off your fashion forwardness with this accessory trick
How to Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

Layered jewellery has been around for some time with top celebrities and designers making this style look classic yet effortless with their multiple layers of gold chains, coin necklaces, chokers and pendants. However, the fact of the matter is that you can easily get the combinations wrong, which means that the chains will get entangled or the necklaces won’t look good together.

While there no set rules for layering necklaces, working around these guidelines can help you achieve a classic and elegant look:

  • Combine necklaces which are completely different in length (short, medium and long) or add chain extenders if they are of the same or similar length. This will help each piece stand out on its own.
  • Have fun creating a unique look. Try contrasting styles and shapes.
  • It’s okay to combine different metal colours. In fact, it may even look really good. You can also use pearls, seashell necklaces and sculptural pieces to make a stronger statement.
  • You can embrace some colour and a signature shape that reflects your personality, which you can wear on a regular basis.
  • Layer pieces that you really love or which have a sentimental value, and use them to tell your story.
  • The style of the necklaces should complement your neckline and clothes.
  • Most people wear three necklaces together but you can wear more, preferably in odd numbers.
  • Mix and match chains, that is, choose chains with different textures and weights, which will also help avoid an entanglement.
  • Let one necklace, such as a coin necklace or a chunky pendant, be the starting point and build the rest of the look around that.
  • Get inspiration from Instagram or from your favourite celebrities, and adopt a specific layering style that you really like.

Follow these tips but feel free to be imaginative and experiment, and you might end up with your highly personalised version of layered jewellery.