How to Keep Your Skin Glowing in the Summer

How to Keep Your Skin Glowing in the Summer

Simple tips and tricks to maintain that glow!

So ladies – that time is upon us again: the scorching UAE heat! We can look forward to shorter working hours, longer days and some much needed retail therapy with great discounts at the Dubai Summer Surprises! Of course when it comes to our skin, the summer presents a whole array of new challenges. From our skin tones going a shade darker thanks to days in the sun, to an exasperated search for the perfect sweat-proof mascara.

To bail you out, I’m proud to present my secrets on how to get (and keep) the perfect skin from the sunny morning to the cool evenings.

Start from the bottom

They say the perfect painting starts with an even canvas – so the first step of any flawless finish is to start with an even and hydrated palette by moisturizing your skin. This should always be your first step, before any colour goes onto your skin. In the winter – a heavy coverage facial moisturizer helps fight against dry and fatigued skin. In the summer – you’ll want to swap out your usual moisturizer for a light-weight and oil-free formula. To skip an extra step, look for one with an SPF that will act as a barrier between your skin and the sun. I love Clinique’s Pep-Start HydroRush Moisturizer! It has the perfect light-weight formula with an added touch of SPF 20 for that extra boost.

Ask Yourself How Much Coverage You Really Need?

Ladies – real talk. Today we start our looks with a corrector and by the time we’re done we’ve packed on everything from liquids, powders, glow kits and a highlighter for extra pizzaz! The real question with dealing with the summer sun is to ask yourself how much coverage do you really need? (Or how little can you get away with!) In the winter it’s no holding back – but in the summer take your routine and see what you can omit while still getting the same results.

- For those already flawless – congratulations! You’ll need the least amount of packing on. We suggest doing a creamy concealer followed by a tinted sunscreen. My favorite is the XL Anthelios by LaRoche-Posay which comes in a powerful SPF 50! Finish with a translucent powder like the one by Laura Mercier which helps to mattify your face and keep the oils at bay.

- For those who need a little boost – In my experience this is where most of us are. Start again with a creamy concealer (skip the corrector during the summer because it will just give you that added step). If you can get away with it – swap your regular foundation for a BB-cream. If the coverage is still not enough, opt for a light-weight breathable foundation with a matte-finish. Everyone’s favorite skincare brand The Ordinary Company makes an incredible serum foundation that is affordable and gives you a super natural skin-like finish. Top with a translucent or matte loose powder to keep everything in place.

- For those that need the heavy lifting – alright so these are the ladies who have the real challenge. What I tell all my clients is to start working with your skin and not against it and above all else develop a skincare regimen that works for you. Start with your normal routine and in lieu of your normal foundation – opt for a mattifying waterproof formula that is oil-free.  Mac’s Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation and Mat Velvet+ by Makeup Forever both give you an incredible matte-finish that stays in place and can build-up to full-coverage if you need it! These foundations are water-resistant and oil-free meaning they can stand up to the Dubai sun without making you feel like you’ve caked on an entire bottle of foundation. Soft, easy yet resilient. Finish with a light loose-powder to keep it all in place. If you’re a contouring-girl, skip the glow kit for a lightweight highlighter or bronzer to give you definition without taking over

Did We Mention Sunscreen?

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! The one age-defying secret I can give you is use sunscreen. No matter how light or deep your skin tone, us desi girls need sunscreen! The higher SPF the better. To make the steps easier, especially in the summer, always opt for bb creams or foundations and powders that have an SPF component. All the great brands now come with them and anything with an SPF of 20 (or higher) is ideal. Finish your flawless summer look with a makeup setting spray that not only keeps everything in place – it gives you the much needed protection you require. Our favorites are the Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF and the LaRoche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Mist. Both contain an SPF of 50 and while you won’t feel it there, you will notice your skin less tired from the summer sun. For best results, keep a bottle in your purse and spray every 3 hours.

Above all else – remember to have fun! Summer is a time where your body naturally perspires as a means of cooling yourself down. Over applying products, especially the wrong ones, will only cause you to block your pores that could lead to breakouts. Take care of your skin by hydrating and protecting yourself from the sun and letting your skin breathe in the fresh air.

INFO: Zeenat Jaffer is a celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire, CEO of ZHaus Lifestyle, and educator who offers premium makeup artistry classes. She can be reached at or online at

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