How to Get Beautiful Braids

How to Get Beautiful Braids

Visit The Cure in Dubai for the ultimate braids this party season

A stylish hair-do is just as important as a trendy outfit! From loose, long twists, and fishtail plaits, to neat and tight braids, the possibilities are endless when it comes to hair-do's.

The Cure Beauty & Wellness Lounge, located in the heart of Dubai Media City, offers brilliant hairstyling options. It's the perfect way to make a statement this party season. If you want something different for a night out on the town, why not get your hair styled with braids? Suitable for long and medium length hair, braids can be done casually for boat parties, BBQs, and relaxed social occasions or they can be more formal, with your hair tied up beautifully to create the ultimate evening look.

Depending on the complexity and requirement, your hairstyle can cost between Dhs50-70. Better still, why not try it out the next time you visit The Cure for a manicure. Whilst your nails are being buffed and polished to perfection, your hair will be woven into style.

And don't forget, a little bit of pampering is so much more fun with two, so why not bring your gal pal along and enjoy getting your hair braided together.

INFO: For further information and to book an appointment, call +971 4 391 6485 or visit

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