How Sweet! This Theatre Group Is Staging A Free Play For 160 Workers

How Sweet! This Theatre Group Is Staging A Free Play For 160 Workers

Goonj Productions will be performing a free show of a popular Urdu play for blue-collar workers
How Sweet! This Theatre Group Is Staging A Free Play For 160 Workers

It’s the ‘Year of Giving’ in the UAE, and this South Asian theatre community group are doing just that. In a wonderful initiative, Goonj Productions are staging a free matinee show of their popular play, ‘Mian, Biwi or Wagah’ for blue-collar workers! The Urdu-language play is written and produced by the husband-wife duo of Ehtesham Shahid and Amna Khaishgi, and will star the couple in the lead roles of ‘Mian’ (husband) and ‘Biwi’ (wife). The free matinee show will be performed for a crowd of 160 blue-collar workers on Friday 13th October at the arts hub of Dubai, The Junction at Alserkal Avenue.


When was the last time you penned a hand-written letter to a loved one? Quite a while ago, and if you’re from the younger generation, probably never. Co-directed by the award-winning Sheherzad Kaleem, ‘Mian, Biwi Aur Wagah’ focuses on exactly that – the lost tradition of letter writing in the world of modern technology and the irreplaceable feeling of getting a hand-written letter. This Urdu-language play is actually back by popular demand! Drawing a full house at its inaugural shows last August, the play aims to appreciate and recognise the contributions of blue-collar workers. Be it domestic help, construction workers, waiters or waitresses, this play is for them all, says Amna Khaishgi.

To make the event more memorable, attending blue-collar workers will be served as guests of honour during the show, and will be treated to lunch and refreshments by the play’s food partner, Little Lahore.
As part of their social media campaign, the cast and crew of the play interviewed security guards, restaurant waiters and others through bite-sized videos on their mobiles. Asking them when the last time they’d written to their loved ones was, the responses are sure to tug at your heartstrings. Many said the arrival of technology and lack of time had gotten in the way, and given the chance, they would write to their mothers to convey their love and longing.


If you’d like to gift your worker or helper a token of appreciation, Goonj Production is encouraging its followers to book a place for their helpers at this free show. Spaces are limited, so reserve a place by emailing

The free matinee show will be followed by regular ticketed shows at 7.30 pm on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October 2017. Tickets are available on

‘Mian, Biwi Aur Wagah’ also stars Majid Muhammad as ‘Wagah’, who has also co-written the script. The play is co-directed by Dhruti Shah D’souza and Sheherzad Kaleem. Other performers include Maha Jameel and Faraz Waqar.