How Randeep Hooda Lost 18 Kilos in 28 Days
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How Randeep Hooda Lost 18 Kilos in 28 Days

The actor shares his weightloss journey for Sarabjit

Actor Randeep Hooda has achieved another career milestone with the portrayal of Sarabjit Singh in the film Sarabjit. But it wasn’t all an easy journey for Randeep, as the filmmakers informed the actor that they would shoot his jail sequences first. Hence Randeep was faced with the enormous task of losing over 18 kgs to arrive at the skeletal frame of an imprisoned Sarabjit, slowly depleting in a Pakistani jail.

The 39-year old actor lost 18 kgs in 28 days, reported an article in Mumbai Mirror. "I was a muscular 94 kg at the time and while it's easy to burn fat, it's hard to lose muscle. I was expecting to shoot the portions when Sarabjit was a pahalwan in his village and then slowly shed weight. The decision came as a shock and led to a period of physical and mental torture," Randeep revealed in the article. 

"Like I do with everything else, I overdid this too, going on a zero calorie diet without realising the body needs sugar to function. The lack of it almost drove me crazy. I was thinking about food all the time, there were days when I was so hungry, I couldn't sleep. There came a point when I wasn't even allowed an apple and I was so emaciated I could barely walk," he shudders, admitting that had his sister, who is an Obesity, Metabolic Medicine and Clinical Nutrition Specialist, not monitored his diet and health so closely, he might not have pulled it off. "It's something you do over three-four months, not 28 days." 

Surviving on juts 500-600 calories every day, Randeep’s efforts were dismissed by some as touched up; but he insists that the suffering was real and surprisingly good for the character. Now back to 84 kgs again, Randeep says he was afraid to even ride his horses that time beacause of his weakness, fearing that he would fall and break his neck. "I wanted parathas with white makkhan. And hot chocolate fudge from Nirula's. I would sketch these items, it feels so nice to be able to eat them again," he laughs about it now.

In 1990, Sarabjit, a farmer who strayed into Pakistan, was convicted of terrorism and spying by Pakistan's Supreme Court and sentenced to death in 1991. He was attacked by fellow inmates in 2013 in Central Jail Lahore, suffering head injuries, a broken backbone and was in coma. On May 2, his death was announced and his body flown home reportedly with vital organs missing and the skull broken into two. 



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