How Kartik Aaryan is Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

How Kartik Aaryan is Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

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How Kartik Aaryan is Celebrating Raksha Bandhan
Kartik Aaryan

Kartik Aryan couldn’t be in a better place this Raksha Bandhan. “I am in my home-town Gwalior. After six years I am in my home-town for  Raksha Bandhan, and that too for work. I’m shooting for Dinesh Vijeyan’s Lukka Chuppi with Kriti Sanon in Gwalior. This is  rare chance I’ve to  be home with my sister for Raksha Bandhan.”

Kartik’s sister  Kritika  has   also come  home for  the occasion.  “She lives in Bhopal now. But she’s here in Gwalior  for Rakshna Bandhan. Mummy and Papa are already here. So  it’s a family reunion  for me. I will remember this Raksha Bandhan as  a celebration  far beyond Raksha Bandhan. This is  the best Raksha Bandhan  of my life.”

As  far as choosing a  gift for  his sister goes, Kartik didn’t have to stretch his  imagination. “I saw  the screen of her phone is broken. So  I  bought a  new phone  for  her  for Raksha Bandhan. There was time when I couldn’t afford to  give her expensive  gifts. Every Raksha Bandhan I gave my sister Rs.11 only.  I don’t think she will be happy if I give her Rs 11 now. She is very clear about being a material girl and she’s most happy to accept expensive gifts from me.”

Kartik  feels family must always come  first. “Today I’m getting so much attention in my home  town. I love it. But it is my family that keeps me grounded and reminds me of who I am. I  hope they will never allow me to change. As for my sister , she will stop talking to me if I behave a like a  star with her. The  only change she enjoys in me is the gift that I can afford now  and I couldn’t earlier.”