How Hina Khan Overshadowed Deepika Padukone and Others At Cannes Film Festival This Year

How Hina Khan Overshadowed Deepika Padukone and Others At Cannes Film Festival This Year

There is a lot of interest in Hina Khan's film 'Lines' and she may be the next star to move from the small screen to the big
How Hina Khan Overshadowed Deepika Padukone and Others At Cannes Film Festival This Year
Hina Khan at Cannes 2019

Television’s very popular star Hina Khan became an unexpected and overnight point of discussion. Her presence at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival generated a lot of debate, one of which was a social media post by a mediaperson. Somehow, because of that, eveybody's rooting for Hina Khan and not just in Cannes. Back home in Mumbai the television  industry including several of Hina's colleagues, has risen in one  voice to  support the Kasautti Zindagi Kay actress' right to be  present at the festival. More importantly, the entire issue has shone the spotlight on how much a stepmotherly treatment television stars are given vis-a-vis their big screen counterparts. While television is huge in India and TV stars command a massvie fan following, they are still considered poorer and not so worhty of attention as their big screen counterparts. Hina's biggest support came from Salman Khan who defended her during an event, when he was asked about it. 

Simply put, Hina Khan has overshadowed other Bollywood divas at Cannes this  year.There is more buzz surrounding Hina than  Deepika  Padukone,  Priyanka Chopra,  Kangana Ranaut  or even then the  Cannes  queen  Aishwarya  Rai Bachchan, all of who dazzled on the red carpet in their own way.

Filmmaker  Rahat Kazmi who  accompanied  Hina to Cannes with their collaborative film titled Lines is  a regular visitor at Cannes. Last year he  was at  the Cannes with his film Lihaaf on the life of  author Ismat Chugatai. None  of his films has generated as  much curiostity and  garnered  the attention of Lines. Says Rahat  from Cannes, “It is amazing. The  interest  that  Hina and  our film together has aroused  is unsurpassed by any of my  earlier  entries at Cannes. But  no one had planned  it that way.  We didn’t know Hina would get insulted in this manner, and that her insult  would  invite so much wrath  from her fans, colleagues, well-wishers,” says Rahat adding that his film Lines would  be  Hina’s big launch into Bollywood.

In defence  of  the television fraternity, it must  be said that some of the biggest names of the entertainment industry has come from the small-screen. Entertainers like Shekhar Suman, Ronit Roy, Amar Upaddhyay, Sushant Singh Rajput  and  Kapil Sharma are products  of  television. Hina Khan is all set to make  the  transition from television to  movies.So perhaps the Cannes apperance has indeed proved to be a huge blessing for her.