How Far Will the Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas 'Relationship' Go?

How Far Will the Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas 'Relationship' Go?

Priyanka's alleged relationship with the singer has taken the internet by storm
How Far Will the Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas 'Relationship' Go?

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They’ve been seen together on more than one occasion. And their supposed newly-kindled love affair has taken the internet  by storm.
But are Priyanka  Chopra and singer-actor  Nick Jonas  really dating? Die hard fans of PC and Nick Jonas have been faithfully documenting their interactions including the recent ‘date’ pictures that have emerged?

However, there are sceptics who wonder if this is a serious relationship or if it will even go further than these dates and red carpet appearances. “Priyanka  is  a very friendly girl and I’d even go as far as  to say there’s a mutual attraction, though I doubt it is anything  more than  a warm friendship .We all know the love of Priyanka’s life is  in  Mumbai. She keeps throwing these red herrings about global attractions when her heart  is clearly  in  Mumbai,” says a friend of the actress.

Currently, Priyanka’s career is in an interesting stage. Her  American television assignment  Quantico has come  to an end and it is unlikely that  she will be spending  much time in the USA  any more. In fact she  is  in the process of signing  multiple films in  Bollywood which would keep her busy in India. Her film with Salman Khan titled Bharat is already making headlines. So naturally, PC would be required to spend a lot of time in Bollywood (which is great news for her fans here!). In the competitive film world, relationships are often sacrificed at the altar of career and besides, long-distance relationships are even harder to maintain.

Will Priyanka be able to do a balancing act and nurture this new found friendship or will it last only as long as her work permits her to be in the US?  Keep watching this space!