How Did Nita Ambani Become the Ambani Bahu?

How Did Nita Ambani Become the Ambani Bahu?

Nita and Mukesh Ambani are probably the strongest power couple in India. Together they have three children Isha, Akash and Anant Ambani

Nita Ambani, the wife of one of the richest men in the world Mukesh Ambani is famous not only for her wealth but her warm and shining personality. Although her husband Mukesh Ambani heads a business empire, Nita Ambani is also a person of her own who has contributed in many different ways to the Ambani name. From establishing Dhirubhai Ambani international School to IPL teams, Nita Ambani is a strong woman who still keeps the family above everything else in the world.

It was initially arranged by their parents

While a lot is published and said about Nita Ambani on regular basis, not much is known about her life before the marriage. Although Mukesh’s father Dhirubhai Ambani was a big businessman, it was still a traditional Gujarati family who believed in Indian values and ethics. Dhirubhai Ambani saw Nita in a Bharatnatyam show where the young girl won her future parents-in-law’s heart with her beauty and demeanor. Dhirubhai Ambani knew Nita was the girl who would make a perfect fit for his eldest son Mukesh.

Like any arranged marriage, Dhirubhai Ambani called Nita’s place to discuss the marriage proposal. Totally unaware, Nita was the one who picked up the phone who did not recognize him. Finally, he spoke to her father and once both the families were convinced it was time for the young couple to understand each other.

Mukesh Ambani wanted to get to know the girl before marrying her

Although Mukesh Ambani was an obedient son, he had made it clear to his parents that they could not just marry him to anyone without his consent. He wanted to spend some time with the girl and then find out if they could get along.Soon they started going out. Due to Mukesh’s busy schedule, it was not easy for them to catch up often. Mukesh got free from work only after 11 pm while Nita’s parents did not allow her to stay outside the house after 12 pm. Time was tight but the couple still tried their best to catch up whenever they could.

Nita fell in love with Mukesh’s simplicity despite all the wealth

What made Nita fall in love with Mukesh was his simplicity and humility despite all the wealth. She once asked him to travel with her in a bus to which he agreed right away. He would often take Nita out for having food at the humble Mumbai food joints. After some time, both Mukesh and Nita knew they were meant to be together.

Mukesh Ambani proposed Nita in the most unexpected yet interesting way

Mukesh Ambani did not believe in wasting time. He proposed to her while they were out on one of their drives. Nita did not know how to react but Mukesh could not wait. He asked her to give him an answer right away or else he would not move the car. Nita, who was surprised yet already in love, said yes. Nita Ambani also quoted this incident in one of her television interviews jokingly asking Mukesh if he would have still dropped her home if she said no.

Nita Ambani has stayed grounded despite all the wealth and power after marriage

Although Nita Ambani belonged to a middle-class family and marrying the heir to Ambani was not easy, she did not face many problems within the family. Mukesh’s father Dhirubhai Ambani was a self-made man and hence the family still believed in middle-class traditions and values. According to Nita, her parents-in-law’s down-to-earth and loving nature adjustment was never an issue. Nita Ambani also made sure that she stayed grounded and kept the family united and happy.

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