How Did Mallika Sherawat Meet Prez Barack Obama Twice?!

How Did Mallika Sherawat Meet Prez Barack Obama Twice?!

Makes one wonder if the actress has genie working for her!
How Did Mallika Sherawat Meet Prez Barack Obama Twice?!

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Have you ever wondered like us, as to how Mallika Sherawat does it every single time? She is no Kim Kardashian, who is famous for just being famous, yet she is still famous nonetheless, or else how could she have ended up meeting the Prez of the United States of America, not once but twice!
We can't help wondering which fairy godmother is helping pull the strings for Mallika, after all she is no hotshot actress reigning the box office. Remember, her appearnce at Cannes last year, she represented Bollywood on the red carpet without any endorsements of any films to promote. Yes, the diva had a fabulous life wearing the best clothes, the best jewellery and dining at the finest places with the crème-de-la-crème in company!
And this time, the actress was off on another mysterious trip, apparently to meet the President Barack Obama. Her humility is commendable as she tweets about her 'good fortune', “Had the good fortune of meeting the one and only, the charismatic President Obama again,” Mallika tweeted on Wednesday, calling it a “proud moment”.
Mallika, however, did not reveal where and when she met Obama this time. She had earlier met him in 2011 a tea party in Los Angeles. The actress is known for her bold performances in films such as Khwahish and Murder, and was last seen on screen in the raunchy 2015 film Dirty Politics.
With that, we leave you to scratch your heads!