How Arjun and Anshula Kapoor Supported Boney, Jhanvi and Khushi After Sridevi's Demise

How Arjun and Anshula Kapoor Supported Boney, Jhanvi and Khushi After Sridevi's Demise

The Kapoor family bond is growing stronger
How Arjun and Anshula Kapoor Supported Boney, Jhanvi and Khushi After Sridevi's Demise

The whole of last week, Bollywood mourned the untimely demise of late superstar Sridevi. What started off with her departing Mumbai to attend a family wedding in Ras Al Khaima (UAE), went on to becoming her last journey back home to India after she accidentally drowned in her hotel room bathtub, leading to her shocking demise.

Following that fateful night of 24th February, her doting husband, Boney Kapoor was entangled in procedures to bring back Sridevi’s mortal remains, while daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi sat devastated in India, coming to terms with the huge loss in their lives. But two people surprised one and all by becoming the real pillar of support for the bereaved family – Arjun and Anshula Kapoor, Boney’s children from his first marriage to the late Mona Kapoor. As the media pressure increased and speculations mounted, Arjun and Anshula took charge of the situation helping the family cope with the loss.

This is indeed significant for the Kapoors because a lot had been written about Arjun and Anshula’s uneasy equation with Sridevi. Arjun, in an interview had once stated that Sridevi meant little to him than being his father’s wife. He also openly said that he didn’t meet or spend time with Jhanvi or Khushi, hence there was no relationship or friendship to speak of. Arjun was very close to his mom Mona who passed away just a few months before his debut.
However, all that changed in the wake of the latest tragedy. Arjun who was busy shooting for Namastey England in Amritsar with Parineeti Chopra, put aside all his work commitments and rushed back to Mumbai to be by his family’s side. On hearing about the delay in bringing Sridevi’s mortal remains back to India, Arjun then rushed to Dubai to be by his father’s side and he stayed put until all the formalities were complete and the body was on the jet back to India.

While elder son Arjun took charge of the situation in Dubai, his sister Anshula looked after the shattered sisters, Jhanvi and Khushi, making sure they weren’t left alone for a single moment. After many years, the family reunited and became each other’s strength. Thanking his children for the unconditional support Boney said,” I am blessed to have the support and love of Arjun and Anshula, who have been such pillars of strength for myself, Khushi and Janhvi. Together, as a family we have tried to face this unbearable loss.” The silver lining in this dark cloud has been the bond between the reunited family that kept growing strong post Sridevi’s demise. The otherwise silent Anshula, who prefers staying away from the limelight, recently publically slammed haters for picking on stepsisters Jhanvi and Khushi. A fan of Arjun and Anshula badmouthed the sisters, which didn’t go down too well with Anshula, who was quick to delete the comment. The protective step sibling posted in her reply, “Hi, I’m requesting you to refrain from using abusive language especially towards my sisters, I do not appreciate it and have therefore deleted your comments. While I am grateful for your passion and love for bhai and me, just a small correction - I was never working outside India. Let’s please spread joy and good vibes. Thank you for the love.”

The void created in the lives of Boney, Jhanvi and Khushi will take forever to fill, but with a strong support system by their side, the pain might just be lesser than before.