'Hotel Mumbai''s Release on Netflix on Hold After Dubai Firm Claims Rights Over it

'Hotel Mumbai''s Release on Netflix on Hold After Dubai Firm Claims Rights Over it

'Hotel Mumbai' was supposed to release on March 29 but the film has not found many takers

Hotel Mumbai, starring Dev Patel, was supposed to be on Netflix but a Dubai-based company has successfully claimed the rights to it. As a result, the film is no longer going to release on Netflix. The company had approached the Bombay High Court which ruled in its favour. According to an investigation by the Times of India group, Dubai-based Plus Holdings, took Netflix Global, Hotel Mumbai PTY LTD, Arclight Films and Xeitgeist Entertainment Group to the Bombay High Court over who had the rights to release the film in the SAARC region. According to the facts of the case, Plus Holdings claimed that they had the original rights, which they had bought from Xeitgeist Entertainment Group, and moved the Bombay HC to stop Netflix from releasing the film.

Netflix has since informed the court that its rights to show Hotel Mumbai on its platform have been terminated by Hotel Mumbai PTY Ltd (HMPL). They then sought to be deleted as a respondent party in the suit which was accepted by the High Court, the report claims. Meanwhile, the film has apparently not found any distributors in India because of its sensitive content.

The film is supposed to release in India on 29th March. Indian distributors like Delhi-based distributor Shaaminder Mallik have told FirstPost that Hotel Mumbai could not find any distributors in India because of the film's "sensitive nature".

Let's hope that the film gets released soon. You can watch the trailer here.