Host the Perfect Outdoor Iftar Gathering

Five tips to help you plan your next get together this Holy Month!
Host the Perfect Outdoor Iftar Gathering

With temperatures soaring this summer, everyone’s trying to find something to keep them cool. Air Conditioning in this part of the world is a necessity instead of a luxury and increasing levels of heat in the city, the usually tends to get in the way of outdoor events and parties. There are several devices out there promising outdoor coolness but nothing seems to make the cut. In an attempt to strive for cooler outdoors, Portacool™ has introduced evaporative coolers that can be either purchased, or better still, RENTED from any Ace Hardware store in the city. These help reduce humidity, making the outdoors more bearable.

Here are five tips to help you host the perfect summer soiree this Holy Month.

Look for cool solutions

There are many alternatives out there to help keep outdoors cool. Once such solution is the Portacool portable cooler. This is great alternative to traditional air conditioning units as they use water to provide cooling.

Always look to stay in the shade

Stay away from the direct rays of the sun. Use gazebos or canopies to cover up your outdoors. Another inexpensive solution might be to use sheets of throws in attractive patterns placed together to create a shade. Beach parasols with built in resistance to UV rays are also another great option!

Find a solution to outdoor insects

Pests often create nuincance and tend to make guest uncomfortable. These only tend to increase during the summer months, adding to the discomfort of the summer heat. An easy solution to ward off mosquitoes are the use of Citronella candels and incense coils. These are cost effective alternatives and are available in many styles and sizes, adding to the prettiness of your outdoors.  

Lighting is key

Whether a big get together or a small intimate affair, carefully considered lighting can create the perfect ambience. Use lanterns to illuminate dingy corners and solar-powered fairy lights to add a nice touch to balconies. Good lighting also plays an integral part to lifting the overall mood of a party.

Get decorative

Strings of brightly coloured bunting are an inexpensive way to add a vibrant splash to casual settings. For more formal affairs, create stunning table centrepieces and scatter plush velvet cushions for an opulent touch.