Stand Up Comedy Review: Honestly Speaking By Amit Tandon

Stand Up Comedy Review: Honestly Speaking By Amit Tandon

The Junction recently hosted stand up comic Amit Tandon. Blogger Veathika Jain reviews the act
Stand Up Comedy Review: Honestly Speaking By Amit Tandon

When you attend a stand-up act, you expect to spend an hour or two laughing your guts out but when it’s Amit Tandon taking the mic, your expectations go much higher. The comic ace performed at The Junction, Alserkal Avenue and his act certainly lived up to the high standards he had set so far.

‘Honestly Speaking’ was nothing short of a two-hour laughathon. Amit belted out jokes that the Indian diaspora could relate to... from peeking into husband-wife satire to dissecting the maniacal behaviour of Indian men in an aeroplane, he was certainly at his best. Surely, keeping an audience enthralled for so long is no ordinary feat!

What sets Amit apart from his contemporaries? For one, it’s his unique questioning style every time he narrates a joke. It is the right combination of body language, facial expressions and dialogue delivery, which makes him the natural that he is. His humour is mostly situational, devoid of bad language and allowing his audience to relate easily to him and laughing “with him”, rather than “at him”. His style is also interactive, randomly choosing people from the audience and making them the butt of his jokes.

On the flipside though, a lot of what Amit says sometimes gets lost among the younger member of the audience. “Millenials” in countries outside India may have lived all or most of their lives overseas and may not fully get the ‘scooter’ ‘India- Pakistan’ and ‘getting a hair-cut under a tree’ nuances. His content tends to resonate more with the people in his age-group and above. Amit  perhaps, needs to keep that in mind during his international tours and perhaps needs to evolve from his current style, to make his humour more broad-based and all-encompassing. After all, the litmus test of a stand-up comedian’s performance should be the ‘decibel-levels’ of the audience’s laughter!

All in all ‘Honestly Speaking’ was hilarious with most jokes packing in the right punch. It was definitely worth going for. Out of 10, I would give this show 8 for I haven’t laughed so much in ages.