Holi In Real-Life Bollywood

Holi In Real-Life Bollywood

Masala takes a look at the off-screen love triangles in T'Town.
Holi In Real-Life Bollywood
Old Flames? Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha in Rang Barse in Silsila

Holi is all about colours, fun, flirting, food and Bollywood songs! There have been many songs that celebrate the festival of colours in our movies but none so iconic as Rang Barse – the flirtatious number in the late Yash Chopra's Silsila. Thirty-two years after its release this is the song without which NO Holi party is complete!

For those who haven't watched this film (and that is only possible if you belong to another planet!) here is a brief recap of the context: Amit (Amitabh) meets his ex-girlfriend Chandni (Rekha) after a few years of getting married to Shobha (Jaya Bachchan). Unfortunately, she is married to Dr V.K Anand (Sanjeev Kumar). The two couples become good friends but Amitabh and Rekha find their attraction too hard to ignore. The bottled emotions all come to fore during Holi when Amit, a little out of his senses (drinking bhang is part of Holi festivities) makes a move on Rekha right in front of his wife and her husband! Given the real-life equations between the three actors, it was indeed a coup of sorts that Yash Chopra pulled off.
However, this situation isn't restricted to movies. We present the famous love triangles where a strong marriage has been (almost) threatened by the 'other woman'! Read on to find out all about the 'silsilas' (chain of events) of the real-life Amitabhs, Rekhas and Jayas. REAL LIFE AMITABH: AAMIR KHAN

Long before getting married to Kiran Rao, Aamir was linked with a string of women including Pooja Bhatt, his Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi co-star. Reena was reportedly quite upset but she kept quiet – despite a bold Pooja giving interviews left, right and centre about Aamir's proposal to her! The long-suffering Reena took this affair too in her stride – just like his other link-ups!
How it ended: Aamir preferred to keep it hidden while Pooja was too honest and bold to stay quiet. Also, his controlling and perfectionist nature was allegedly too much to handle for a bohemian like her. They broke up but unfortunately, Aamir's marriage to Reena didn't last long either. REAL LIFE AMITABH: SHAH RUKH KHAN
Perhaps no relationship has garnered so much attention in the recent past than King Khan's close friendship with a much-younger Priyanka Chopra. Exactly like Amitabh in the film, SRK was brazen about his fondness for her in public and one video actually shows him asking her to marry him (in jest of course) at a public function! Also, the two have been spotted getting cosy on stage at events and awards night. Whatever, be the truth of the matter, Gauri isn't playing the sacrificing wife like Jaya. She has reportedly put her foot down and stopped her hubby from taking Priyanka on in Happy New Year.
Where it's headed: After all the drama last year (when it was reported how Gauri and her girl pals ganged up against her), things seem to have cooled off now. At least on the outside! There are still whispers about how the alleged relationship is far from over but both PC and SRK have had their down moments as well. Some time back it was reported how some people heard them arguing at a party!