Holi 2019: Where to Celebrate the Festival of Colors
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Holi 2019: Where to Celebrate the Festival of Colors

For Holi 2019, online travel booking platform Agoda lists some of the best destinations in the world where you can celebrate with joy and fervor

Holi, the festival of colors, marks the arrival of spring in Hindu culture and has evolved into a worldwide celebration of love, friendship and youth. Festival goers celebrate by throwing handfuls of colored powder at each other and getting drenched in water, resulting in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. Agoda, a digital travel platform, shares destinations where you can participate in the festivities, which take place through the month of March.

1. Goa, India

Get a true taste of this beloved festival in India’s party capital Goa – the ultimate destination for energetic, non-stop revelry. Part of the fun is dressing in white clothes knowing they will never look the same after being doused in colored water. Top tip: Make sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the colored powder!

Stay at the Vista Elaine Gardens, a great space to share with friends. It includes a kitchenette, so party-goers can even make their own organic eco-friendly colors the day before the celebration using flowers and common ingredients available in local markets. Remember to watch out for the water balloons that cheeky neighbourhood children are sure to throw!

Holi 2019: Where to Celebrate the Festival of Colors

2. Pokhara, Nepal 

Pokhara, Nepal, comes alive during Holi with celebrations kicking off with bonfires that symbolise the triumph of good over evil. Travellers should consider the simple hack of moisturising their skin and applying a coat of nail polish to their nails before the fun and games begin, as this helps the colors wash off with no fuss! Stay at the Fishtail Lodge or The Pavilions Himalayas for unbeatable views of the countryside.

Holi 2019: Where to Celebrate the Festival of Colors

3. Los Angeles, USA

One of the best things about Holi is that everyone is invited to join in the fun, regardless of age and faith. This has helped the celebration spread across the globe and evolve in unique ways. In the U.S., head to the Festival of Colors in Los Angeles.

The event features dance, music, yoga and of course – lots and lots of color! Stay at the Bissell House Bed & Breakfast in Pasadena, just a short ride away from the festival venue.

Holi 2019: Where to Celebrate the Festival of Colors

4. Holi in Mauritius

For those who prefer island getaways, head to Mauritius to experience Holi. It’s a great choice as nearly everyone in the country celebrates the festival. All those out in an open area are fair game, so travelers should consider themselves warned!

Stay at the Lux Belle Mare where guests can relax after a day out playing with color. This property also offers a plethora of water sports options to choose from, ranging from boating and canoeing to snorkelling.

Holi 2019: Where to Celebrate the Festival of Colors

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