Hira Mani Speaks about Do Bol: Masala! Exclusive

Hira Mani Speaks about Do Bol: Masala! Exclusive

Hira Mani talks about Do Bol exclusively to Masala! Magazine where she talks about work/life balance and her upcoming projects
Hira Mani Speaks about Do Bol: Masala! Exclusive
Hira Mani

She is bubbly, she is vivacious, her energy is infectious and with each successive project, she has proven to be a breath of fresh air to the Pakistani drama industry. She is none other than gorgeous and super talented Hira Mani. Her career kick started as a morning show host and later drama offers started pouring in. Her most recent drama being “Do-Bol” in which she garnered huge accolades nationally and her fandom transcended across borders too. Let’s get to know Hira Mani better with this tell-all interview.

When did you realize acting is your true calling? 

Well I believe I had never known anything other than acting and hence that was my only true calling.

How supportive was your husband Mani throughout your journey starting from your first drama “Preet Na Kariyo Koi”?

Initially it was very difficult leaving my home especially kids behind because I had to stay in Lahore for “Preet Na Kariyo Koi” shooting straight for 20 days. See when you are doing work of your own choice and free will, the guilt trip to keep family and husband above everything is always present. Mani not only helped me come out of those guilt trips by keeping everything in place(mentally) but also guided me to choose scripts wisely.

With two kids, how do you maintain work-life balance?

Yes it’s a very commonly asked question, though I believe taking care of family/kids is something that is inbuilt in women. See the idea is to not to seek perfection while you are taking care of family because then, you are only focused on one thing in life. I take normal day to day activities in an efficient manner sans a lot of planning and yes family support is extremely important while you are pursuing your career. I am exceptionally proud of myself for following my dream while taking my family and kids along and owning them without any qualms. This not only shows how confident you are in your skin but also gives you a thoroughly professional image. I would advise girls to seek a work-life balance in their lives and not to pit one against the other. Also when I am exhausted from keeping a work-life balance, I sleep. Whenever I get free time, I take a good sleep. That’s my idea of a perfect “me-time.”

Congratulations on the huge success of Do Bol in Pakistan as well as across the border. Tell us how was it like garnering so many compliments from fans for your role as Gaiti in Do Bol?

I will take a deep sigh of relief and thank Allah profusely as this is one of my massive hit in my acting career as this was totally unexpected. I came across “Do Bol” and after meeting Wajahat I took up the project thinking it to be just another “Kitchen Drama”.

I perform my characters with complete honesty and today I am extremely happy that people here and across the border have taken notice of name “Hira Mani” after Do Bol. Not only the OST became massively popular, girls started following the dressing style of Gaiti. It was all extremely flattering yet scary at the same time as it burdens you to keep up to people’s expectations.

What interests you the most while choosing certain project? Is there any thought process behind selecting roles you are offered and how do you prepare yourself for it

No, I don’t really have a concrete thought process behind selecting projects and probably it streak of luck that I get offered amazing projects. The only thing that I notice id how authentic it is and if people can relate to the character. Secondly since I believe I am director’s actor, I do look at how much is the director passionate about the whole project. His vision needs to be above everyone’s.

Yes I do bring the scripts home and do prepare beforehand to look the part.

Unfortunately you received a lot of flak after your interview on Rewind with Samina Peerzada, how did it affect you and how do not let it affect you?

As much as I got negative reviews after the show, I am extremely thankful to Samina Appa who invited me and gave me an opportunity to open my heart out as people take eons to come out with their realities. See you learn from your past experiences and I have learned my lessons. You just have to be very honest in whatever you do. Today everyone who is connected to me are very happy in their lives and that is enough to show I have not hurt anyone sentiments.

As you are a very talented yourself, are you planning to foray into other fields other than dramas? Perhaps singing? 

I am still have very mixed feeling when it comes to pursuing singing career so it’s still a perplexing situation for me.

Are there any movie offers?

Yes I am getting movie offers in fact I got one recently on harassment issue. But I am still on a lookout for a good script and will definitely do it whenever the projects interests me.

Tell us about your dream character or project that you would like to do on screen?

My dream character is to play a role like Nandini from “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” or Rani from the movie “Queen”. Both are my dream characters and I would like to play something like that if ever.

What artists would you like to work with in future?

I would love to work with Fahad Mustafa.

Tell us about your crazy fan moment that you encountered?

I love my fans because of how abundantly they bless me with their Duas. I believe there is nothing bigger and better than Duas.

With the powerhouse of a talent that Hira Mani is, she is sure to give us treat us with hit dramas in the coming future for sure. Well she definitely believes in no shortcuts and hard work is the name of the game and she sure as hell following this mantra.

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