Here's Why the Kashmiri Media was Angry With the Makers of Baaghi 2

Here's Why the Kashmiri Media was Angry With the Makers of Baaghi 2

The film received a lot of flak from critics too!
Here's Why the Kashmiri Media was Angry With the Makers of Baaghi 2

Baaghi2 has come under massive fire from Kashmiri media for portraying the #HumanShield incident where an army major tied up a local resident Farooq Dar in front of a jeep to escape a murderous mob who had descended on an army convoy. Dar was let off later by the army unharmed and he was safely returned back to his home along with army guards.

The incident happened at Budgam in Kashmir on April 9, 2017. Major Leetul Gogoi maintained that Dar is a stone pelter and he devised this just to stop the mob who was hell-bent on lynching the army men patrolling the area, some opined that he was a stone pelter. Major Leetul Gogoi was found to be innocent in an internal enquiry and I am not aware as to what happened into the enquiry into Dar's antecedents. The media portrayed him as a poor carpet maker of course. They kept quiet over the allegation that he was a regular stone pelter. Baaghi2 makers have not responded to severe criticism by critics like Raja Sen, media houses like DailyO and other local Kashmiri media.

Here's one such report:

"Call it entertainment or browbeating, a just-released Bollywood movie distastefully glorifies the exploitation of Farooq Ahmad Dar as a human shield.
Dar, who had cast a vote on April 9 last year, was stopped by one Major Leetul Gogoi at Budgam and tied to the front of an army jeep as a human shield for patrolling the protesting villages. Baaghi 2, the Bollywood movie released on Friday, has simulated the incident, with its protagonist army officer shown beating the apparent stone-throwers or militants somewhere in Kashmir. Subsequently, he is shown tying one of them to the bonnet and driving through the crowd of men carrying stones in hands.”

Included at the beginning of the movie, the scene is being described by several prominent movie critics as “insensitive” and “exceptional display of callousness”, while terming the entire movie as “high on testosterone and national pride”, wrote Kashmiri Monitor, a leading media organisation in Kashmir.

Here’s a screen grab taken from the scene. (Left: Film Grab, Right: Actual incident)