Here’s Why Richa Chadha Believes #Metoo Allegations Against Rajkumar Hirani Are Doubtful

Here’s Why Richa Chadha Believes #Metoo Allegations Against Rajkumar Hirani Are Doubtful

Richa Chadha, one of the most vocal supporters of the #metoo movement had THIS to say about the accusations against Rajkumar Hirani

Actress Richa Chadha -- who has been one of the most vocal proponents of the #MeToo movement in India -- has admitted that the charges against Raju Hirani aren't sticking.

She has also admitted that false and anonymous allegations aren't helping the movement. Richa feels that it is mainly because of the fact that no one is sure about the authenticity of the allegations.

When asked if the industry was quiet about Hirani as he is a powerful director, Richa told reporters, "It isn't power structure. I think everyone is tentative because they don't know the facts of the case. Legally, a publication is allowed to run a story because they vet it with their legal team. But it's an anonymous allegation. I'm not defending him or the girl either. I've learnt it the hard way. A friend of mine was falsely accused. This is the only reason why I feel people are tentative."

She added that when survivors come out and share their stories, they must be supported.  "If there's a survivor willing to come forward and say 'this happened to me' and confide in people, we must support her. Which is why I vocally supported Vinta Nanda. He (Hirani) is one of the directors with the cleanest image, you must not forget that. There have been others who were accused but nobody said anything," she added.

The actor was speaking at a special event of her upcoming movie Shakeela where she launched calendars of the film. Richa said she has understood that the best thing to do in #MeToo movement is to take the legal route. "The press also plays a role. When you print hearsay, the powerful will suppress the story but many people get caught up in rumours. It has to be looked at from both sides."

The Masaan actor said a bad date, a relationship gone sour or vendetta is not #MeToo. “We are talking about 2019, if exploitation has happened, you should definitely go to the police and take the legal route. A lot of people suffer in trial by media. I'm very enthusiastic about the movement because it's very important. If women don't feel safe, then how will the work be done. It shouldn't be trial by media but trial by law. If you've filed a complaint they don't back out. If someone is putting pressure on you, voice it. There are people who'll hear you," she added.