Here's Why Anushka Sharma Was Chosen as Salman Khan's Heroine in Sultan
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Here's Why Anushka Sharma Was Chosen as Salman Khan's Heroine in Sultan

Find out what were her advantages as opposed to other Bollywood actresses!

The recent trailer of the film Sultan has received rave reviews and fans are constantly gushing about how wonderful a jodi Bhai and actress Anushka Sharma make onscreen. But being a Salman Khan's heroine is no ordinary feat, as actresses of a certain stature prefer to opt out considering that the limelight is always hogged by the brawny superstar. The films are always a hit but there's really not much for an actress to do in these 'I am a macho man' kind of films. 

Thus when an actress of substance like Anushka Sharma who has acted in and produced films like NH10, was brought in to star with Sallu, there had to be a story behind it. Thus in an interview in Bollywood Life, director of the film Abbas Ali Zafar reveals, "I thought if I have to introduce a girl with my hero, how different can she be from any other heroine in a Salman Khan film? The idea was to create a character, who is as equal as the protagonist, so that even he feels that she is an equal to him. And because it is a sports film, we gave the same sport to the character, which gives an edge to the character. The way she has pulled through… In the film, when she fights international tournaments, she is very good. Wrestling is a sport of strength, but it’s also a sport of technique. You have to use your mind and you have to use the right technique and Anushka nailed that.”

Although, there were rumours of Aditya Chopra being keen on Parineeti Chopra, Zafar insists, “All I will say is, when we were boiling down to things, there was a talk of Parineeti, because she had a body type. But I wanted Anushka because I just felt that. At the end of the day, as a director you can only go by your gut and instinct. And I went with that.”



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