Here's What Ajay Devgn Feels About His Daughter Staying Out Late
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Here's What Ajay Devgn Feels About His Daughter Staying Out Late

This just proves that Ajay Devgn is like every father ever

Ajay Devgn has admitted that he is very protective towards his daughter Nysa. So unless Nysa gets home, it becomes impossible for Ajay to sleep at night.

Ajay says that he stays awake and doesn't go to sleep unless Nysa gets home. If she hasn't come home from a party or a day out, it is impossible for Ajay Devgn to go to sleep.

While having a conversation, Karan asked Ajay and Kajol, “What are the things that drive you crazy about being a parent?” Kajol replied to it saying, “I think everything. The nitty-gritty drives him (Ajay) insane. It’s the details, you know, like’Where are you going? What time will you come back? Who have you got with you? Where exactly you are going?”

Taking the conversation forward, KJo asked, “So this is teenage burst time, this is there, then there are friends who are boys also. Does that drive you crazy?” To this, Ajay said, “Not really, but ya I keep thinking about it and then I am like so many times her deadline was like 11:30-12:00 and till she comes home I would be down waiting for her, near the door.”

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