SRK's 'Handy' Advice to Son Aryan
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SRK's 'Handy' Advice to Son Aryan

The actor never ceases to amaze us with his wit and humour!

We all know that superstar Shah Rukh Khan could be a very hands-on and indulgent dad whenever time and schedule permits. The actor’s wit and sense of humour is as renowned as the sound advice he distributes to his three kids!

Eldest son Aryan recently shared his video doing a cool handstand on IQ Hawk, and it apparently amused daddy dear as much as it floored us!

When Shah Rukh saw the video, he immediately shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “My boy, tall dark and Hands!! Need to teach him to start using his legs and walk normally soon.” Well, don’t we just love SRK and his way with words!

SRK also wrote, “I guess my advice of ‘if u want a hand to support u…u wil find it at the end of ur arm’ has been taken well.” 

Cool dad. Aye?

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