Here Is Why You Should Be Doing Headstands Daily For 5 Minutes

Here Is Why You Should Be Doing Headstands Daily For 5 Minutes

Headstands, also known as Sirsasana Yoga pose is known as the king of all yoga poses due to its myriad of health and mental benefits.
Here Is Why You Should Be Doing Headstands Daily For 5 Minutes
Head Stand

Headstand might seem like a fun trick part but before you begin, remember that while you are learning headstand it is best to practice under expert supervision until you can do it properly and safely. The headstand, if done correctly, is considered the king of yoga poses because of its umpteenth benefits, which range from improved brain function and mood to increased upper-body strength.

Improved Core Strength:

Headstand is through and through core workout. You rely on your core to lift up legs keep a balance of the overall body. Relying on core will eventually make it stronger, durable and less prone to injury in yoga, and in life overall.

Gives Your Face A Natural Glow:

Many yoga teachers like to say that a headstand is the equivalent of a facial because it stimulates blood flow to the face. Increased circulation to the skin of the cheeks and forehead means oxygenation and sustained youth of the facial cells.

Increased Oxygen To Brain:

Since headstands make us go upside down, it increases the flow of oxygen to the brain which means more vitality. It gives a burst of energy that can help with our mood, motivation, and focus, relieving depression, combating anxiety, inducing present moment awareness and improving mental functioning.

Healthy Heart:

Improved circulation occurs with a headstand practice. Because the heart constantly has to pump blood upward to the brain, the headstand gives the heart a rest and reduces unnecessary strain.

Improves Digestion:

Headstand increases nutrient absorption as it allows blood flow to all-important digestive organs. Headstands are recommended for irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive ailments, as they reorient the colon and intestines, encouraging bowel movements.
Remember before you do this beneficial yoga pose, it's important that you practice it under expert supervision or with your yoga teacher to avoid any injury to your back or upper body. As this yoga pose need moderate shoulder strength. It is advised to practice it first with a wall as a support and then slowly start doing it.

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