Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

Avocado oil is new on the block and a beloved of the clean eating community. But is Avocado oil’s game strong enough to dethrone Coconut oil? Let us tell you here

It’s been a while since the beauty gurus and some of us have been using avocado meat as an ingredient in DIY beauty treatments. The fruit's oil is slowly gaining ground as a self-care staple. Avocado oil is actually popping up amongst health-conscious because of its umpteenth health benefits and its versatile taste. Are you surprised? Avocados are supremely healthy and so is avocado oil for its rich in healthy fats. Most plant oils are extracted from its seeds but avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit just like coconut. It’s the new oil to look out for, and here are some reasons why.

Avocado Oil Health Benefits:

1.    It’s a Nutrient-Rich Oil:

Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

The avocado has an impressive line up of ingredients including a number of vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fatty acids and antioxidants properties. About 70% of avocado oil heart-healthy oleic acid, a component also present in olive oil responsible for its health benefits. The most abundant fatty acid in avocado oil is oleic acid, a fatty acid that provides numerous health benefits.

2.    It Is Heart-Healthy:

Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

Avocado oil is a party of a Cholesterol-friendly diet. The low-fat content in avocado oil has beneficial effects on reducing cholesterol levels as it lowers bad cholesterol(LDL) and improves good cholesterol(HDL)in the body.  The properties in Avocado oil makes it a healthy alternative to vegetable or sunflower cooking oils that are more processed and less heart-healthy. That's why the health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts are loving it for its myriad of benefits.

3.    Controls High Blood Pressure:

Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

The high content of Vitamin E and potassium, Avocado oil has the ability to improve the vessels of the heart. Beta-sitosterol is a plant ester that we have found to be highly beneficial. It is used to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Also because Avocado oil has monosaturated fats that are lower than any edible oil that is why the health-conscious will always bend towards it rather than coconut oil.this is done through free radicals in the bloodstream, this supports a hormonal balance in kidneys which are basically responsible for controlling the blood pressure.

4.    A Weight Watcher:

Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

The fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious always look for options that are natural and organic and are beneficial in the weight loss journey. High levels of oleic acids are responsible for helping in the weight loss efforts. It is believed that the fatty acids present in the Avacado oil build up muscles which in turn helps in moving fats that can productively be used energy. Another thing that prominent to note is that many nutrients found in avocado oil make as natural appetite suppressants as well as aids in digestion.

5.    Helps In Gum Health:

Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

It might sound weird but there is pretty good evidence of a strong correlation with avocado oil and better gum health. Avocado oil is known to not only improve gum health but also has a reverse correlation with periodontal gum diseases. It is said that by blocking certain protein nutrient which causes the inflammation which in turn leads to destroying of bine cells and periodontal diseases. Therefore the anti-inflammatory nature of Avocado oil can get you rid of Gum diseases at large.

6.    Happy Healthy Hair:

Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

While the benefits we have covered so far primarily deal with internal parts of the body but there are many external users of the Avocado oil too. This one supports hair health. Its been a while since avocados have been part of the DIY hair routines. Avocado being the source of lecithin, it moisturizes and lubricates hair and encourages follicles to grow. This is especially helpful in dry and harsh climates. A common DIY hair routine is to mix an essential oil with Avocado oil and directly apply it to your hair.

7.    A Great Cooking Oil:

Here Is Why Avocado Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

Avocado oil has been found to be a great alternative to other cooking oils that have a mild flavor as well as a weight watcher because it is not as has a higher smoke point than olive oil and preserves it nutrients at higher temperatures. Unlike extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, it gels well into mayo without changing the flavor and blends into sauces without changing the taste of anything. Basically, it doesn’t overwhelm the taste of your recipes like coconut oil.

About time, the health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts realise the importance of this healthy Avocado oil and enjoy the range of health and beauty benefits associated with it.

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