Hema Malini’s Funny Moments from her Political Career
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Hema Malini’s Funny Moments from her Political Career

Hema Malini joined BJP in 2004. She is often subjected to memes and trolling for her statements and antics related to politics.

Hema Malini, more famously known as the ‘Dream Girl’, has always captured the hearts of her audiences since the inception of her career in the 1969s. From her big dreamy eyes to immaculate dance moves (owing to her Bharatnatyam training), Hema Malini has always been loved for her beauty and work. After making her name in the films, the actor decided to come to politics  and became an MP for BJP. Probably this was the time that she was remembered more for her funny antics and words, swaying away the attention from her film career sprawled over decades.

Here is a collection of some of those moments which provided the internet a fodder for memes and laughs forever.

Hema Malini knows what is best for the monkeys’ health

Recently, Hema Malini stood up for ‘monkey rights’ on her constituency Mathura. According to Hema Malini, the monkey had built a liking for samosas and Frooti because they had adopted humans’ eating habits. She said that fruit-bearing trees should be planted to assure monkey got the fruits ‘healthy’ for them. And yes, she also proposed a ‘monkey safari’ in Mathura.

Does not everyone remember Hema Malini cleaning with the broom?

People have still not forgotten Hema Malini’s ‘humble’ antic of picking up the broom in an attempt to clean the area  around the Parliament building as a [art of Swach Bharat Abhiyan for the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. By the way, it was not only Twitter but also Hema Malini’s beloved husband Dharmendra who mocked her for the same.  In a reply to a user, Dharmendra replied that Hema Malini had picked up the broom for the films only and she seemed a novice to him too.

Hema Malini’s election campaign in Mathura’s rural areas was gold for memes

To commence her election campaign for BJP, Hema Malini posted pictures with sickle and hay in hand as she visited her constituency Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. There was  a variety of photos ranging from the actor-turned-politician posing with a baffled farmer woman to speaking to the people while standing out from the rooftop of a  Mercedes SUV as someone held the umbrella over her head.

Wait, here is the tractor the Dream Girl drove!

In her fancy sari, she also drove a tractor.

Here is a moment of silence for Hema Malini’s struggle with a  handpump

The pain brought to Hema Malini while using this handpump is evident in the picture.

Hema Malini thinks that she can become the Chief Minister in one minute

A lesser-known fact is that Hema Malini could become a Chief Minister in one minute if she wanted. And the greater known fact is that no one knows the name of the state which is eager to have Hema Malini as its Chief Minister. The only reason why Hema Malini does not want to hold the office is that she does not want to be tied up due to the protocol and other issues.

Hema Malini could not ‘recollect’ all she had done for the people of Mathura

Hema Malini was once asked about her work for her constituency Mathura. She said that although pleasing everyone in the large constituency she gave her best. According to the Dream Girl, she had done a lot but could not recollect.  It was as simple as that!

Hema Malini is still respected for her work in the films and her efforts for the promotion of classical Indian dance along with her daughters Esha Deol and Ahana Deol. However, it is her politics that has brought her some trolling and jokes related to those moments. Hema Malini is not the only member of her family who joined politics. Her husband Dharmendra also served as  aMember of Parliament for BJP from 2004 to 2009/ Hema Malini’s stepson Sunny Deol is also a member of Parliament from Gurdaspur. He also represented India at the Kartapur Corridor inauguration.

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