Hema Malini on Being Trolled for Her Brooming Video: ‘Everyone Can’t Know Every Kind of Work’
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Hema Malini on Being Trolled for Her Brooming Video: ‘Everyone Can’t Know Every Kind of Work’

Hema Malini was trolled for her Swacch Bharat brooming video but she doesn’t care in the least

Twitter is a harsh place to survive. As Hema Malini would have realised by now. A couple of months ago, she was trolled big time for posing with village women in the fields during the election campaign. The reason: it came across as fake and supremely farcical. However, Hema Malini wasn’t bothered and went about her work. The episode didn’t even affect her prospects at the elections she managed to win comfortably from her seat.

Recently, she was in the eye of a storm again. A video of her brooming rather clean streets of Parliament House, along with some other ministers, did the rounds as part of the Swacch Bharat (Clean India) campaign initiated by the central government. Hema’s ham-handed efforts at handling the broom evoked a lot of laughter on twitter and she was the subject of many memes.

The trolling would have died down had her husband Dharmendra, in all innocence, not  commented on how alien the broom looks in his wife’s hands. The trolls had a field day thereafter. But has the criticism affected Hemaji? Not in the least! She is not even bothered about her husband’s jibe at her. “Dharamji speaks from his heart. And he must have felt I  wasn’t comfortable. I  never wanted  to show myself as someone who uses the broom every day. It  was symbolical gesture more than anything else. I don’t think there’s any shame in not being  proficient with  in any kind of work. Everyone can’t know every  kind of work. Bolne wale toh kuch bolenge chahe aap kuch karo (the  naysayers will  say anything  no matter what you do). I’d rather  focus on my work than   get perturbed by  trolls.”

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