Heavens help Ekta Kapoor!
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Heavens help Ekta Kapoor!

How the superstitious TV tycoon hunted for her baby Lord Krishna...

Television soap queen Ekta Kapoor is a perfectionist and she proved it recently, when she had to shortlist a one year old to play the role of Lord Krishna in her new soap "Kahaani Mahabharat Ki". She only auditioned kids who were born on Janmashthami (Lord Krishna's birthday) last year.

As if this was not enough, she also made 7 astrologers look into the kundalis of all those kids and the one whose kundali closely matched that of Lord Krishna was finally selected.

According to a source, the kundali as well as the looks of the child resemble Lord Krishna's.

Confirming the news Ekta said, "It is true that I have assigned my staff to call for pundits who would have to look into the kundalis of all those who applied for baby Krishna's role. We received 150 entries and it was not an easy job."
Ekta also said that matching the kundalis was necessary as the soap is about Lord Krishna and the selected kid has to be as authentic and sacred as Lord Krishna.

The name of the infant who has been selected is Krish and he is from Mumbai.

Now this name too matches Ekta's fetish for the alphabet K!

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