Heart Attack Helped Antonio Banderas 'Reinvent' Himself

The actor suffered from a stroke two years ago while preparing for Pain and Glory
Heart Attack Helped Antonio Banderas 'Reinvent' Himself
Antonio Banderas

Spanish actor Antonia Banderas is most famous for his roles in The Mask of Zorro and Spy Kids. He was also seen playing the iconic painter, Pablo Picasso, in television drama called Genius and needless to say, he did a tremendous job. However, in a recent interview, the celebrity revealed that a heart attack that he suffered from a few years ago helped him reshape his life. He said that it did not just make him want to get healthier and bring major changes to his lifestyle, but also allowed him to reinvent himself as an actor.

His latest film, Pain and Glory - an autobiographical film on Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar - is currently eyeing the Palme D'Or prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival. While speaking to Reuters, Banderas stated that he was filming Pain and Glory when he suffered from a heart attack and it actually helped him prepare for the role. He said, "It was fantastic advice for my life. I don't smoke anymore, I do exercises more than ever. I feel clearer in my brain and I kind of reinvented myself."

The 58-year-old star continued, "I am reflecting very much about my acting career. And I feel very fresh and very new." He added that his health scare also helped him in wiping his slate clean and prepared him to play the protagonist Salvador in Pain and Glory - something that the filmmaker demanded. Banderas shared, "Almodovar wants you new, fresh, different, getting rid of all these mannerisms. He called me on the phone and said, 'I am going to send you a script that you are going to find, has a lot of reference to people that you know'." What Banderas did not know was that Almodovar was digging very deep in his own life for the plot of the film.

Almodavor's film is about an ageing yet tormented film directed, looking back at his film. Pain and Glory also brings Penelope Cruz - who's worked a lot with the filmmaker in the past - back on the silver screen opposite Banderas. The two of them teared up at the film's screening at Cannes on Friday. Bander, himself, choked up at a press conference sharing that the time he spent while working on Pain and Glory was some of his happiest yet. And for an actor whose career spans over 100 films, it's a huge compliment.