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  • Star shape
    Your weekly dose of diets, food and fitness
  • Not again!
    Aamir is back again in news and for all the wrong reasons
  • Loving honey
    According to the experts, honey from the Manuka bushes (which grow wild in...
  • Foodie at heart
    Your weekly dose of diets, food and fitness
  • Aamir Injured
    Aamir Khan pulled his hamstring muscle while enacting an action scene for his...
  • Treatment of the week
    Your weekly dose of diets, food and fitness
  • Star shape
    Your weekly dose of diets, food & fitness
  • Star shape!
    Your weekly dose of diets, food & fitness
  • Did you know?
    Drinking too much water can also be bad for health
  • Fitness pays
    akes it a point to run for an hour at five in the morning even if he is back...
  • Hug for happiness
    Having close, healthy relationships with friends and loved ones can help you...
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    The actress says she owes her new lithe frame to hours of salsa
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    Sleek and super-flattering, this swimsuit is perfect for a post-workout dip
  • Dino Morea
    Dino Morea has signed up as the brand ambassador for Bangalore Marathon,...
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    Gym bunnies, show how hard you're working out with this cute sweatband
  • Watsons gym launch
    B'wood stars turned up in full strength to lend support to Zareen Watson...
  • Kunal Kapoor
    Kunal Kapoor loves to work-out the old fashioned way - by getting up early.
  • Say what?!
    'I hope you have seen my film <em>Nishabd</em>.Do I look...
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    The latest equipment from Technogym is ideal to beat that pesky back and...
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    Exercise may no longer be a dull affair. Liven up your workout with these...
  • Mesoglow
    Kaya Skin Clinic has introduced the MesoGlow treatment at its UAE clinics....
  • Feeling blue?
    Research shows that upping your intake of oily fish such as salmon or...
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    If you're partial to an after-work pint, you'll be interested to...
  • Breathe in
    This May, Anantara Resort Golden Triangle, the luxurious hilltop retreat in...
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    Everything you need for staying perfectly pretty, <strong>paddock<...
  • Feet-ish
    Loving the new Predator PowerSwerve from Adidas.
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    Workout becomes a fashionable event, with these fab outfits from 2XU.
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    Kareena is looking more and more svelte with each passing day, but this slim...