'He Was a Baby When He Was Dating the Lady in Question': Shekhar Suman on Son Adhyayan and Kangana Ranaut
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'He Was a Baby When He Was Dating the Lady in Question': Shekhar Suman on Son Adhyayan and Kangana Ranaut

The television star was never in favour of the relationship it seems...

Actress Kangana Ranaut who had a much publicised relationship with TV star Shekhar Suman's son Adhyayan Suman became the talk of the town as the two were spotted hand in hand at various events, appearing very much in love. But, trouble in paradise seemed ineveitable and the two parted ways. While Kangana appeared to have moved to to a bigger, brighter career, the split seemed to have left the Sumans very bitter about the whole affair and nursing broken hearts. 

Shekhar Suman who is presently judging a reality show spoke without mincing his words, as reported in a timesofindia.com artilce. His disapproval quite apparent, he even refused to take Kangana name when speaking about her!

He said, "A relationship is not based on success. He was a baby when he was dating the lady in question. As a family we don't look back. Even if she is a big star, we would not want to now ponder over the question that how we lost out on a good girl?' I don't think you make the same mistake twice. It was a mistake as the relationship did not work out. It was just an experiment in the sense for them as it did not last. She has done extremely well in her career which is fine, and he is grappling in his career. Tomorrow, if he becomes famous, I don't think that the lady in question regrets of having let him go. Adhyayan is not bitter about anything and he has moved on in life."

Regarding his son's career he says, "I am not happy with Adhyayan's career but would be eager to see him do better. He is not doing well but if he does well some day there might be some jokers who would come out and say, 'Didn't we say, he had it in him to make it big?"

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