'He Is Someone You Can't Break': Trishala Dutt on Father Sanjay
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'He Is Someone You Can't Break': Trishala Dutt on Father Sanjay

Trishala Dutt on being a star-kid, her ambitions, and her Father Sanjay Dutt.

Trishala Dutt opened up about her father in an interview with Hindustan Times and proved to us that she’s one of the smart girls in town whose vision of her Father is no less than that of a hero. “He is someone you can’t break, and I’m sure his fans will be completely blown away once he’s back. Even I’m excited, [and] I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do,” says Trishala. 
When asked about how she coped with her father going to jail, the 22 year old claimed that dealing with that period has only strengthened her adding that they manage to stay in touch quite frequently regardless. “We write letters to each other all the time, so that’s how we keep in touch. When he went to jail, and I knew I wasn’t going to hear regularly from him for the next two-three years, that’s when I realized that it’s time to grow up,” Trishala says adding, “I’m not a child anymore, and I think some people forget that, and expected me to cry publicly, because everyone has seen me in my baby stages while I was growing up in Bollywood, but that’s not who I am anymore. Tough situations really strengthen you as a person.”
Trishala even spoke about her ambitions in life and emphasised on how she never wanted to be just another star kid. “I never wanted to be like the other “star children”, and piggyback on the family name. If I did, how would I be different from anyone else? I really respect actors who worked hard and made it on their own, without the help from anyone else, except their own will and determination.” 
One piece of advice from her father, Sanjay Dutt, that has always stuck by her was one that he wrote in a letter, "Don’t do everything for your friends, never let someone use you, don’t be stupid like I was."
Well just like her father, Trishala Dutt is definitely not one to be messed with! 
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