‘He Can Never Do That’: Choreographer Ganesh Acharya Defends Nana Patekar, Accused of Harassment by Tanushree Dutta
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‘He Can Never Do That’: Choreographer Ganesh Acharya Defends Nana Patekar, Accused of Harassment by Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta’s charges of sexual harassment against Nana Patekar did not get her any support back in 2008 and no one is standing by her now either

It looks like Bollywood actresses who make accusations of sexual harassment will never find succour after all. A day after former Miss India and actress Tanushree Dutta, who made her debut opposite Emraan Hashmi in Aashiq Banaya Aapne, relived her terrible experiences on the sets of a film with Nana Patekar, there have been voices of support – for Nana!

Talking about the #metoo movement and why it can never find a place in Bollywood, Tanushree had recalled the horror she faced while shooting with Nana for a film Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss in 2008. Though she had accused him of harassing her during the shoot of the song, nobody stood up for her that time. Tanushree was so scarred by the incident that she eventually left Bollywood. She had also accused choreographer Ganesh Acharya, who had choreographed the dance of teaming up with Nana Patekar against her. But unfortunately, despite the #metoo movement taking the world by storm, women in Bollywood are left to battle it out alone.

Tanushree’s interview to Zoom TV, wherein she recalled the incident and spoke openly about not receiving any support from any quarter, seems to have ruffled a few feathers, notably that of Ganesh Acharya. He was quick to defend Nana. "First of all, it’s a very old incident so I can’t really recall everything very clearly. But it was a duet song as far as I remember. Something did happen that day because the shooting was also stalled for over three hours. There was some sort of misunderstanding. But I can confirm that nothing this sort of happened. When I was called for rehearsal I was told that Nana Ji was also there in the song. I don't have the agreement with me because that time we used to do it verbally. But that particular song didn't involve any kind of indecent step in the first place. It was pure dancing. That's all," Ganesh said in a conversation with News 18. 

"He (Nana) is a very sweet person, he can never do that. He is very helpful and he has actually helped a lot of artists in the industry, he can never do anything like that,” he added. Nana Patekar is still yet to comment on these accusations.

Will Tanushree’s new comments finally propel Bollywood to open up about the sexual harassment of women? If the reaction of the industry is anything to go by, not likely!

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